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Cofer Herencia’s Cheese Dairy

Traditional Cheeses

The flavours of our Land… Herencia

Herencia is a village located on the way between Madrid and Andalucía, in the heart of the Castilla-La Mancha region, possessing a prestigious and renowned tradition in cheese manufacture.

Lands of rich pastures enable our selected sheep native of this region to produce first-class milk which is the essential element in the production of our cheeses.

At Cofer, Herencia’s Cheese Dairy we have been producing cheeses for more than a century since it is our past family generations who started this difficult but thrilling art.

Currently we continue to produce our cheeses using the same recipes and methods, incorporating modern machinery together with current quality and hygiene standards.

We invite you to taste our cheeses – when you do you will be savouring the timeless cheese manufacturing tradition of our village, Herencia.

Quesera Herenciana Cofer, S.L

C/Gomez Montalban 28, 13640 Herencia (Ciudad Real)

Tfno: 926 57 14 11 – E-Mail: info@queseraherencianacofer.com