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Our standard of excellence in the manufacture of our products has been recognised by our clients and by judges who have given us top prizes at the several traditional food fairs where we showcased our range of cheeses. These prizes are:

World Cheese Awards

Reserva Don Berrio: Silver Medal in 2018

Villaherencia (En Aceite de Oliva): Bronce Medal in 2018

Villaherencia (Tierno): Bronce Medal in 2016

Villaherencia (Tierno): Gold Medal in 2015

Monteguerras: Gold Medal in 2014

Villaherencia (Tierno): Bronce Medal in 2014

Monteguerras: Gold Medal in 2013

Villaherencia (Semicurado): Silver Medal in 2013

Reserva Don Berrio: Super Gold 2010

Monteguerras: Bronce Medal in 2009

Cofradia del Queso Manchego

Monteguerras: Gold Medal in 2007

Monteguerras: Silver Medal in 2001


Monteguerras: Silver Medal in 2016

Villaherencia (Semicurado): Silver Medal in 2016

Villaherencia (Semicurado): Silver Medal in 2007

Villaherencia (Semicurado): Silver Medal in 2004

Villaherencia (Semicurado): Gold Medal in 1995


Villaherencia: Gold Medal in 1989, 1991 & 1996

Villaherencia: Silver Medal in 1990, 1991 & 1995

Gran Seleccion

Monteguerras: Gold Medal in 1996

Monteguerras: Silver Medal in 1997 & 1999

Monteguerras: Accesit in 2001 & 2003